Over 23 years ago we made the decision to open Mr.Sign, and offer to the people of Hawaii a customer focused, quality option for their commercial signage. It was important to us right from the start to build relationships with our customers, to better understand their requirements and thus help them through the process to make the right decisions about what would serve them for their present and future needs. We are proud to see some of the original signs and artwork that we helped build throughout Hawaii almost 23 years ago still standing the test of time.

Over the years, our methods have changed somewhat to adapt to changing technology. However, our mission to service our customers – meeting their budgets, delivering on time and with the same standard of quality product has remained the same. We continue as we always have to listen to our customers so as to get the layout and design they have in mind just right. Our output methods produce signs that reflect a high level of quality, resulting in better first impressions from customers that see signs designed to advertise and build brand awareness for our customers.

Our commitment to working hard to meet the timelines our customers expect has always been very important to us, in addition to our honest and fair pricing of all deliverables. We are very grateful for the many repeat customers that we have had the pleasure of working with over the years – a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Since the original three week training we received over 23 years ago in Long Island, NY technology has changed, and simplified how the process works from concept to completion of our sign projects. As a team we continue to work together to meet customers needs and produce signs that are noticeable and effective for the business owners that hire our services.

By keeping our focus away from large scale growth such as costly headquarter operations and expanded staffing, we have been able to maintain the personal, honest and reliable service that matters most to our local customers. Keeping our business operational at this level also allows us to provide reasonable costs by reducing overhead expenses. Our customers value the attention to detail we are able to provide them, recognizing that we take the time to consider their individual needs.

We look forward to continuing to service our existing clientele, and to welcoming new businesses to the Mr.Sign brand of quality signage. Our vision for the future remains unchanged in our interest in pleasing our customers with strong designs that capture the essence of their business, and will arouse the interest of those intended. We are confident that the years to come will see much growth in Hawaii with increases in entrepreneurial ventures – and successful business owners changing the landscape of our cities and towns. We are proud to be contributors in our small way to this economic culture, and we hope that time will be as favorable, and enjoyable to future business owners in Hawaii as it has been for us at Mr.Sign!